New Meditations App
This App is a new platform that makes all of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s guided mindfulness meditation practices available on your iPhone or Android device. It is a subscription service that consolidates many of his other guided meditations, as well as text from his books and video from lectures in one convenient place. The subscription also makes available periodic live practice sessions and Q&A with Jon, all stored and accessed at any time through the app The app is the perfect way to keep access to mindfulness in your pocket or purse, available wherever you go. Of course, the bigger challenge is to download it into your heart. That is the core rationale for all of these “ports of entry” into your true nature. The missing ingredient is practice, practice, practice. While each individual guided meditation is always the same, you are never the same, so each time you engage in a practice, you may be hearing things that you never heard before, or hearing and understanding them differently. If you are unable to afford a subscription, write to us at We will make every effort to make access available to you regardless of ability to pay.