How are the downloadable products delivered? You will find a download link on the "Thank You" screen that appears after you pay for your order. Click this link to reach the Download page. This is good for downloading to the device you are currently using. If you wish to download to a different device, a link is included in the Order Confirmation email which will arrive in your inbox. To ensure that you receive your confirmation email, be sure to add "" to your address-book or email whitelist.  Back>>


How do I download once I am on the Thank You screen or the Confirmation Email? Simply click on the link "Click here to download your order now" to go to the Download page. There, you will find the actual download link as well as Tips for Downloading. On an iPhone, you'll need to click on either the icon or on the item's name to proceed (click here for illustration). You will receive a zip-file that has been compressed to make downloading simpler and quicker.  Back>>


How do I unzip my file? For Windows XP and beyond, your downloaded file will appear as a folder with a zipper , unless you have installed a third-party zip utility. Double-click the zipped file to open it, then drag the folder inside it to a new location. Your materials are in this folder, uncompressed and ready to use. If you have a third party utility, follow the procedures for that utility.  Back>>


The download didn’t work. What do I do? On occasion, customers may experience challenges downloading, generally because of security settings on some older computers, particularly PCs. For one thing, you need to have an unzip program on your computer. We’ve also found that using Firefox as your browser tends to resolve most download challenges. (If you don’t have it, Firefox can be downloaded for free at If the download doesn’t complete after one attempt, please try again following these instructions:

    Do not click on the link. Instead,
  • Copy and paste the download link into Firefox and hit enter.
  • When you get to the next screen, right click on the link and choose “Save link as”. If there’s more than one link, wait until the first one is completely downloaded and go on to the next one. (We recommend saving to your Desktop if you have this option so it’s easy to find.)
  • Go to where the program is saved and click on it. It should unarchive and play. (If there’s a folder, open the folder and then click on each file individually for them to play.)


Can I download my order onto my tablet or smartphone? You will first need to install an unzip app on your device. We’ve found that iZip works well on iPhones and iPads; Androzip works well on Droids, but you can use whatever unzip app you prefer. Apps such as GoodReader or DropBox also unzip and store files. Your device should show you which apps can be used when you have selected 'Open With'. Once you’ve installed the app, on Apple products, go to the email with the download link and click on it. This should trigger the app to download the program. This may take a while. If the progress icon is still moving, then the file is still downloading. On a Droid, go into the unzip app and choose the download option. Please note that because devices and apps are continually being updated, they may not always work well with each other. If you’re not able to download directly onto your device, simply open and save it onto your computer and then transfer/sync it onto your device.  Back>>


Can I download using my cellphone connection? We recommend that you download with a wifi connection if possible. It will take less time and will save your data charges for other things.  Back>>


The blue download progress bar on my iPhone keeps disappearing! Disregard the blue progress bar and keep your eye on the rotating progress wheel at the top of your screen. That is the indicator that the file is still downloading.  Back>>


The download to my iPhone (or other remote device) timed out.If you aren't using a wifi connection, wait until you have one, as downloads via cellphone connection may take too long. A wifi download may still take several minutes. Look at the rotating progress wheel at the top of the screen. If it is still moving, then the download is still underway. Don't click for another download while the wheel is turning.  Back>>


How long after purchasing can I access my download? Orders expire after 30 days or 10 download attempts, whichever comes first. Please download your order promptly and save it onto your computer so you can go back and listen to it any time you want.  Back>>


Oops! I was out of town and now my order has expired. What do I do? Contact us  and your order will be re-sent to you.  Back>>


Can I burn the download to a CD? Yes. Every computer is different, but all newer computers (and even most older ones) come with software allowing you to burn CDs from mp3s on your computer.  Back>>


Can I share my purchase with others? All of our programs are copyright protected. Upon purchase, you can load the file to any device you own as well as burn it to a CD for use. However, the files may not be distributed to other people or entities. Please refer to the Copyright Notice and Click-thru Agreement that you accepted upon purchase of the MP3 download.  Back>>


What is your refund policy on downloaded programs? Once you download, it’s a final transaction! MP3 downloads are not refundable.  Back>>


I have other questions. What do I do? Please contact us  for further assistance.  Back>>