Test Calendar

Dates City & Location Event Contact Name Contact Information
Jan 19-23 Davos, Switzerland World Economic Forum
Feb 20-22 San Francisco, CA Widsom 2.0 Soren Gordhammer Click for Information
April 17-21 Denmark Talks and workshops in Odense and Copenhagen Jabob Piet Jakobsen Click for Information
April 22-30 Spain Talks and workshops in Madrid, Zaragosa, and Barcelona Fernando DeTorrijos Click for Information
6-May Boston, MA Harvard Medical School Meditation and Psychotherapy 10th Anniversary Conference Judy Reiner Platt Click for Information
May 22-27 Rhinebeck, NY
Omega Institute
Five-day mindfulness retreat Omega Institute Click for Information
18-Sep Boston, MA AMA International Conference on Physician Health Opening Keynote Lisa Lipinski Click for Information
15-Oct Rochester, NY Rochester Zen Center 50th Anniversity public talk Rochester Zen Center Click for Information
4-Nov Salzburg, Austria Mindful Parenting talk with Myla Kabat-Zinn
5-Nov Salzburg, Austria Day-long workshop on mindful parenting
11-Nov Freiburg, Germany Evening talk Lienhard Valentin
12-Nov Freiburg, Germany Day-long meeting and practice with MBSR teacher community Paul Grossman
25-Nov Berlin, Germany Mindfulness Conference remote keynote and dialogue
8-Dec New York City, NY Evening Public Talk: Intimacy with Awareness Omega Institute
10-Dec New York City, NY New York Insight A Day of Mindfulness with Jon Kabat-Zinn Gina Sharpe