Videos of Jon Teaching

New Video:Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Vivek Murthy, MD, Surgeon General of the United States in conversation on Peace and the Domain of Being (Part 1) -- August 23, 2022

Conversations with Chogyal Rinpoche: Exhanges about the Essence of Spirituality in three parts, July 2022
1) How we met.
2) Liberation and Ego.
3) Essence of Spirituality.

Not Losing Our Minds and Hearts When We Most Need Them: Mindfulness, Healing, and Wisdom in a Time of COVID-19.

Mindfulness and Education
Jon responds to questions from a group of professors in the department of education at the University of Barcelona, April 2016.

60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper, December 14, 2014, on mindfulness.

Webinar at the Center for Mindfulness October 2014: Some Reflections and Guidance on the Cultivation of Mindfulness and its Moment-by-Moment Integration in Life Unfolding.

Mindfulness - An introduction with Jon Kabat-Zinn
A public talk that Jon gave at Oslo University, Norway, on the 27th of April 2011. Jon talks about the challenges and benefits with mindfulness practice, about research and how this way of being can transform and heal both us as individuals and the society as a whole.

Healing and the Mind: Healing From Within with Bill Moyers, 1993

What is Mindfulness?

Jon speaking at a workshop at Google, October 11, 2007
Over 2,730,578 views on YouTube as of September 30, 2015

Mindfulness Stress Reduction and Healing
Jon speaking at Google, March 8, 2007

Jon speaking at UCSD Medical Center on "Coming to Our Senses"

Jon speaking at Greater Good Science Center, May 2010

Excerpt of Jon's talk at the Center for Mindfulness
3rd Annual International Conference in Worcester, MA in April 2005

"As Good As It Gets" at Omega Institute
Jon on the radical nature of seeing everything as it truly is

Excerpt of Jon's keynote address at the Center for Mindfulness
7th Annual International Scientific Conference, March 2009

Jon at Mind and Life Conference XVIII, April 2009

Excerpts from Jon's talks at Greater Good Science Center, May 2010

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness and meditation are really about presence of heart

The Department of Mindfulness
What's next for the science of mindfulness

The Stars of Our Own Movie
Cultivating awareness helps us appreciate the present and lead more fulfilling lives.

Shut Off Your Cell Phone
Our bodies have the wisdom to benefit from meditation; all we have to do is take the time to look for it.

This is About My Life
On the process of establishing mindfulness meditation as a means to change the world

The First Mindful President
The qualities that suggest Barak Obama may very well be the first mindful president

Growth and Optimism
Mindfulness research and exploration is a rapidly expanding field.

Befriending Our Bodies
Accepting our bodies as they are isn't so hard when you recognize how amazing they truly are, and that befriending them can do you a lot of good.

Coming to Our Senses
The consequences of lacking mindfulness, and the enormous rewards of cultivating it

The Science of Mindfulness
An array of observed benefits from studies of mindfulness

Compassion and Mindfulness
Why being mindful can help us unlock our compassionate side

Stress Reduction in 6 parts

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6


Mindfulness and Leadership
Preview of a documentary on mindfulness and leadership with Jon

Photographs from Events

Opening of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds, May 2010
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